Direct TV - Direct TV Final Billing

Posted on Friday, July 30th, 2010 at 3:20pm CDT by e7ffea4f

Product: Direct TV

Company: Direct TV

Location: PO Box 78626
Phoenix, AZ, 85062-8626, US


Category: Other

After final bill paid and equipt. returned I received a collection letter from CBE Group on behalf of Direct TV for movies that were, according to them, ordered in 2006 but were never billed. What I am wondering is if other customers are aware that even if you have a block on movies and do not have your equiptment hooked up to phone lines that you still can bypass somehow so that they will not show up on your bill until you close your account and they receive your equiptment back. How ever long that is or how ever many movies that were ordered will be sent to collection and you are going to be responsible for the bill or they will report it on your credit report. Did I mention that they said these were adult movies (not sure if they were trying to embarrass me into paying or not). I just think that the consumers should be aware that even though we had a block on movies for just this reason in the end we were billed for movies 4 years later. If this is not illegal at least it is very bad business!


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