PNC Bank - PNC Bank Nickel & Diming us to DEATH!

Posted on Saturday, July 3rd, 2010 at 9:00am CDT by a0b8728d

Product: Overdraft charges & fees vs electronic deposit

Company: PNC Bank

Location: Pittsburgh, PA, US

Category: Other

PNC Bank is AWFUL. We have been miserably putting up with the switch from National City because we were out of state but enough is enough!

THIEVES! We are getting our money out as soon as possible! THIEVES and CON ARTISTS! You are not what a bank is supposed to be PNC. SHAME ON YOU!

When they hold onto electronic deposits a full 24 hours after his company releases that money for pay, that's robbery! And then quadrupling a single NSF $36x4 for one overdraft, even though $7000 in electronic deposits is SITTING in there since midnight the night before!?


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