Alexan Palm Valley Apartments/Trammell Crow Residential (TCR) - Second-hand and Third-hand Tobacco Smoke Exposure in Alexan Palm Valley Apartment Complex

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 at 9:28pm CDT by 997db7f1

Company: Alexan Palm Valley Apartments/Trammell Crow Residential (TCR)

Location: 1301 North A.W. Grimes Blvd.
Round Rock, TX, 78665, US

Category: Other

The brief of a near 1-year long situation is that our surrounding neighbors tobacco smoke and none of them can contain their smoke. Their tobacco smoke is severely contaminating our apartment unit. We need for the neighbors - or for Alexan Palm Valley Apartments - to keep the tobacco smoke away from our apartment unit. The tobacco smoke is forcing us to reside in a contaminated apartment unit which was never agreed to in our contractual agreement with Alexan Palm Valley Apartments. In writing, Alexan Palm Valley Apartments say they prohibit disturbance to their renters' safety, health, comfort and rights. Alexan/TCR (Trammell Crow Residential, the owners) are only considering the people who tobacco smoke while completely ignoring us (and all of the other non-tobacco smoking and paying residents). How is this not considered a clear case of discrimination? All of the residents (smoking and non-smoking) pay a monthly rent so all of us are due fair treatment. Therefore ... we - Paul & Dianne Marshall - are due the upholding of the contractual agreement between us and Alexan Palm Valley Apartments.

Here are the details of our near 1-year long struggle.

Daily living is unbearable due to the second-hand tobacco smoke and the embed of third-hand tobacco smoke is now part of our living environment(thus the contamination).

The Resolution?...

At the bare minimum, a compromise between Alexan's residents who tobacco smoke and who do not tobacco smoke whereby ... the non-tobacco smoking residents (along with their babies/little children and their pets) are protected from the proven harm of second-hand and third-hand tobacco smoke.


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