Frigidaire - FRIGIDAIRE refrigerators are no good

Posted on Thursday, July 29th, 2010 at 9:21pm CDT by 8a61964f

Product: Frigidaire Gallery Refridgerator PLHT219TCB

Company: Frigidaire

Location: P.O. Box 212378 Martinez, GA 30917


Category: Other

I purchased the above refrigerator brand new on 4/11/2007 and it was not worth repairing on 7/27/2010. Model PLHT219TCB, Serial 4A71011121. I have never had problems with any refrigerator I have purchased, new or used, for over 30 years. My luck ran out as this was the first(and last) Frigidaire I have bought.

A Sears repair technician said it would cost over $400 to repair the damaged sealed system and suggested buying a new frige. He noticed how cheap this one was made when he was testing it out.

I was given hope when the Frigidaire customer service person in Georgia said that if the sealed system is broken then the 5 year warranty covers it except for labor and moving costs; all other parts are only covered for 1 year. I thought this was a great warranty and company!

They referred me to 3 authorized repair centers. I chose the first one based on YELP reviews and they said they would call Frigidaire to get an account number and validate the warranty. Sadly, the repair person told me that the sealed system is only covered for 5 years for purchases made before 2005 and that there was nothing else they could do. She went onto say that the customer service person I had spoken to (Lonnie) did not know what she was talking about.

Next, I called Frigidaire's customer service again to hear with my own ears and Rafael confirmed that I was SOL. I asked Rafael what he could do to stop me from bad mouthing Frigidaire and all he said was that I would have to pay for repairs on my own.

Judging from the other posts it's probably best that they have a crappy warranty so that you can move on faster and away from Fridigdaire

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edb11ced, 2011-05-03, 07:21PM CDT

i agree.. we purchased ours ( same model ) in 2005 and so far we've had 2 problems but the last problem that happened was this past weekend when the compressor sadly died after only 6 years of usage cost for getting a new compressor 800 $... going to buy a new fridge tomorrow night ( other than a Frigidaire )...i'm really dissapointed with Frigidaire..

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