Beach Burger King - Laskin Rd Va Beach Burger King complaint

Posted on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 5:18am CDT by 3d682837

Company: Beach Burger King

Location: Laksin Rd

Category: Other

I work at an oceanfront hotel in Virginia beach from 11pm to 7am and was happy to see this location opening for 24 hours a day for the summer as we have guests wanting fast food at all hours and have very few places open all night, as well as our night crew liking that we can get hot food on our shift. I have been to this Burger King at least 5 times in the past several weeks, one weeknights, the rest weekends,and also have recommended&#160it to many guests, however each guest I sent there came back and said they were closed. Also every time I have gone myself it appears to be open and I have seen either a thin young looking white guy or a black man and woman, but have yet to get any of them to take an order or even acknowledge me. The last time which was July 27th around 1:30 am and I even went to the window and beeped my horn and yelled HEY. Just ignored me totally. If this location is not open 24 hours please have the sign taken down, if it is then you need to do something about these employees.

Thank you for your time.



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