Dell Computers - D (don't) E (expect) L (long) L (life)

Posted on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 8:54pm CDT by 55492c28

Product: Dell Laptops

Company: Dell Computers

Location: US


Category: Other

After years of buyer Dell desk tops and laptops I have given up on them. The last 2 of 5 laptops I have purchased from them have started having failures within weeks of falling out of warranty. The most recent is a latitude D610 that is less than three years old and now has a short. This just after my less than 5 year old D800's back light has failed, my D630 less than 3 years old has gone through a hard drive, mother board and 4 power cords. Lets hope my new Levono fairs better over time. No more Dell products for me.


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