Posted on Wednesday, July 28th, 2010 at 5:02pm CDT by 71a532c3

Product: DIRECTV

Company: DIRECTV

Location: P.O.BOX 6550

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I am an owner of Direct TV equipment that I had in storage for a number of years. In 2009 I had reactivated my account with direct TV with no contract since the 3 receivers where my personal property. Since the account was reactivated, I have had various issues with my reception. And constantly called DIRECTV tech support on the issue. Eventually they found that the cable connection was faulty and had to be reconfigured. , but I still continued to have issues with the reception in my living room.

In Early March 2010, DIRECTV suggest that the issue was with my receiver being faulty. Even though the same receiver worked on a different television. DIRECTV eventually sent a replacement receiver which I installed but still had the same issue. They sent their technician over who found that there was still issue with the cabling and he got that fixed, My TVs all work now.

Issue now is. When Direct TV sent me their replacement Receiver, they requested that I send them back my personal receiver or else I would be placed under contract with the new receiver or I may have to come up with out of pocket payment on the new receiver. They had sent me a return Box together with the mailing Slip. And I had my personal receiver returned back to them. Having done this, in July I decided that I know longer need the DIRECTV service; since it has become redundant to me and my roommates. We are all not TV watching people. DIRECTV now requires that I return back the replacement Receiver because now they say that receiver is a lease. And at the same time suggest that they could not return back my original receiver because it has been refurbished and sent to someone else. I believe this is a form of robbery. DIRECTV now owns my receiver and want their receiver back and I will be left with no receiver. They say it is a policy. I have no idea why this would be a companies policy to rob people of their property. They have refused to assist and determined that there is nothing they can do about it.

They are calling for a class action lawsuit.


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