Toshiba America, Inc. / Toshiba Japan - There is no such thing as a defective LCD

Posted on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 12:39am CDT by e08a6f01

Product: Toshiba Computers

Company: Toshiba America, Inc. / Toshiba Japan

Location: US

Category: Other

Buyer beware of Toshiba Limited Warranty scam, Toshiba does not WARRANTY their LCD display and have such a VAGUE LIMITED WARRANTY that they can classify the DISPLAY as a COSMETIC item on the COMPUTER, now how in the world is that possible? Well since the LCD is made up of millions of PIXELS that emit light and is visual they say that it is only COSMETIC, Wow how???s that for being creative I for one will never buy another Toshiba product, I hate companies that deceive the American consumers and also the companies that allow this to happen which in this case was OFFICE DEPOT, When I was a retailer if there was a problem with any company standing good for their WARRANTY I would sit down in a meeting and explain that there is the right way of doing business or the wrong way and if they wished to do business with our company they needed to do business in the right way or HIT THE HIGHWAY, the problem today is businesses don???t care about the consumers, Like that 14 day sticker that OFFICE DEPOT stuck on the computer box, do you all know that it???s the limit of what OFFICE DEPOT considers its obligation to the consumers if something goes wrong, it???s not OFFICE DEPOTS return or exchange policy, the American consumers need to shop with companies that stand behind what they sell period. Its time to boycott OFFICE DEPOT for their supporting companies that would cheat the AMERICAN consumers.


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