Bank of the West - Parking lot - predatory practices

Posted on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 2:49pm CDT by a5c8f019

Company: Bank of the West

Location: 500 N Mesa El Paso, Texas

Category: Business, Finances

Bank of the West, El Paso, claims it is a "community" bank. It has a parking lot adjacent to its downtown location. On a recent Thursday evening - after 5pm, when the bank was closed, I made the mistake of parking in an empty lot to attend a UTEP class in an nearby location. When I left the class a few hours later, my car had been towed. This "community" bank believes there is nothing wrong with allowing a predatory towing service pull cars from an EMPTY lot after hours. It cost $128 to get my car back. This is all about how to make an extra $100 or so from people. So much for "community" - just don't park in MY lot is this ridiculous bank's philosophy. I would imagine they treat direct banking customers just as poorly. Very sad commentary on urban life from a bank who advertises itself as all about "community" - BUYER BEWARE with this bank


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