Tmobile and Asurion - Not having phone replaced/Getting false info.

Posted on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 9:02pm CDT by 6a37d99b

Company: Tmobile and Asurion

Location: WA, 98203, US

Category: Telecommunications

I have had nothing but the worst experience with Tmobile and Asurion.

In March of 2010 I upgraded to a family plan to add my fiancee. He started a new job where he needed to know the roads so we decided to get him the Tmobile Tap which has a navigation system, we were excited he could have a nice phone plus has nav. for his new job. My fiancee wanted to transfer photos from his old phone to his new Tmobile Tap phone but the only way we figured he could transfer them was by sending them to me with his old phone and then once i had recieved all of them he was going to put the sim card back in the other phone and i was gonna send the pictures to him so he could save them and have them on his tmobile tap. We were at the food court of the mall while we were doing this and he was still sending pics to me ( it was taking awhile), we decided to go home and do it since it was gonna be a long process once we reached to the car he noticed he had forgotten the phone on the table where we were eating. We went back talked to security and the information desk and all we could do was leave our number and wait for someone to turn it in. We called a couple times hoping the tmobile tap would be turned in. I called tmobile after awhile and asked if we could have it replaced tmobile said ofcourse! since we had insurance on it, it was going to be fine. I never knew we had to go through another company to get this claim started. I called in about a month after this happened and Asurions system was down so they told me to call back tomorrow since they couldn't view any information and they really couldn't do anything about it at the moment. My fiancee and I havevery busy schedules - he was doing well with his job so he wasn't needing the phone right away. This month(July of 2010) he realized that he needed the phone and besides we were paying for the insurance. So I filled the claim online then at the end it said claim could not be completed. I was very confused as to why and decided to call it in. I talked to a rep. and at first were very nice at the end they assumed I still had the phone and was just trying to get a new one!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD! I can't believe this I explained what happened and the rep said i had 30 days to file and that i knew it. I never recieved any policy papers. When I purchased the phone I put insurance on it for a reason - my fiancee's job is labor and i knew a touch phone could be damaged what if he dropped it! I also asked for a supervisor and she did not give me any answers to any of my wuestions just kept repeating that they could not replace it! I DON'T UNDERSTAND WHY, I AM STILL PAYING FOR THE INSURANCE. MY FIANCEE HAS NO CHOICE BUT SO USE HIS OLD PHONE! I have a reference number which is 70931402 the supervisor's name is Kahmisha. She truely did not know how to answer my questions. I am just like everyone else who unfortunately gets stepped on by these companies! Like who can we talk to to get this resolved do i freaking have to sue them because at this point I will not only sue them becuase I am mad but becuase tmobile gave me false information and i never recieved any policy ALSO! beucase it is unfair to all of us who support these companies by getting services from them. We are the reason why they are so big! why do they have to step on us like bugs and give us false information. I also have flex pay, the first time i went in and got it was beucase i did not have any credit and the tmobile rep. told me it was only a one year contact which i was excited about not that i call in they tell me it is a two year and they do apologize for the FALSE! information but it's two years! SO I JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE FALSE FOR THIS WRONG/FAKE INFORMATION!! That is so wrong! Honestly, I trust them enough to believe in there word if they start with this what else are they gonna trick us with? I am not going to rest until this is solved because it is unfair and i am sure I am not the only one that has this occured to them. No matter what i say to asurion and tmobile they really dont care because really I am a little person with no voice and they are the big companies! well i dont care this is so stupid that i have to do all this in order to get my issue fix. No matter what Everyone thinks NO ONE SHOULD EVER GET TMOBILE OR GET ASSURED BY ASURION. Most of my friends and clients usually go for tmobile becuase it's CHEAP. However, i will no longer talk good things about tmobile with them i will let them know to go with another company as they are the worst company ever, from assuming the worst from my issue to giving me false information!


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