America Honda - 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid CVT Transmission

Posted on Tuesday, July 27th, 2010 at 7:35pm CDT by 85c233fb

Product: 2006 Honda Civic CVT

Company: America Honda

Location: Asheville, NC, 28730, US

Category: Other

We have a 06 Honda Civic with the CVT transmission which we bought new. Have had the 30k,60k and 90k CVT services done. A week after the 90k service we stop at a stop sign and the transmission goes out. We have owned 13 Honda's and have driven the wheels off, getting around 200k to 250k miles out of them. Called American Honda and faxed service records over for review. They call back after 4 weeks of waiting to tell me they will cover $700.00 of the new CVT transmission at over $5000.; for a new one. This CVT transmission didn't meet our Honda standards but I guess it does meets Honda's. After 13 Honda's and having talked many of our friends into buying one, no more. We will get it fixed and lemons will be going on. 92k miles doesn't meet my standards for a Honda so if you have one near this mileage, might want to sell it quick.I guess the standards for Honda's have come down so after 25 years my relatationship is over.

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b900d61b, 2010-12-27, 09:27AM CST

did you ever replace the transmission fluid or check the transmission fluid level on a regular bases? Did you use the recommended trany fluid written on the honda manual which is the ATF-Z1 for that model year?

If you didn't do any of these then any transmission will go out! todays's cars and trucks need more attention cause ALL MANUFACTURERS ARE GOIN CHEAP THESE DAYS AND IT DOESN'T MATTER IF ITS AMERICAN,ASIAN OR EUROPEAN!!!

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