Ebay - Ebay lies to its customers and then justifies it as a seller's fault!

Posted on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at 8:27pm CDT by 4a2c8337

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On 7/19 I submitted a request online through Ebay for a concern I had.

On 7/20 when I didn't receive a response I called in to their top customer support and spoke with Nathan. Nathan reviewed my situation with his supervisor, and made a one-time courtesy to remove feedback/DSRs. I actually took the time on that call to call out just how many sellers think Ebay is out to "screw them" but that this service goes a long way to developing trust and good feelings.

The feedback was removed 7/20. The DSRs reflected removed 7/21.

Today, 7/25, I receive an email in response to my email request on 7/19. It tells me they reviewed the situation (natch, not the phone call on 7/20) and it doesn't qualify... so they put everything BACK!

I call in and speak with Dean Gonzalez at extension 53095. He is the most condescending, pious, sanctimonious agent I've ever spoken with in my life. If he is the example of "Top Customer Service" then it is no wonder people have all of these complaints about Ebay.

Instead of answering my question about how Ebay could revert their own decision, he told me how bad I was as a seller (100% feedback) and that if I spent more time trying to make people happy instead of breaking the rules it would be better all around. He denied me a supervisor, and when I said I'd wait, he hung up on me.

Ebay made a decision, reverts it, and when I question it his only decision is "would you agree with me that if X had happened, this conversation wouldn't need to occur?"

I currently have a premium store on one ID, list auctions on another 2. I am seriously considering just selling it all to get out of Ebay and not worry about their deceptive business practices.

I was told a supervisor will call me back, but given their practice of saying one thing and doing another... I don't believe that either.


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