Cooling Experts Heating and Air Company - Bad workmanship and no response to warranty

Posted on Sunday, July 25th, 2010 at 4:00pm CDT by 0057d932

Product: Goodman HVAC installation

Company: Cooling Experts Heating and Air Company

Location: 2627 Stone Drive
LILBURN, GA, 30047, US

Category: Business, Finances

I hired Konstantin A. Feder of Cooling Experts to install a complete furnace and air system at a residence I own. The existing system was fully functional and never leaked a drop of water, but was very old and inefficient. Once the newly installed air conditioning was used, it failed within a few days. The cause was that they had cut the condensate drain line when installing the unit which in turn spewed water all over the unit and surrounding room. The electronic control board inside got wet and failed to function. Mr. Feder agreed to come out on May 17, but did not and failed to return my phone calls. I had to hire another company to come out to replace the board at a cost of @$400. I finally was able to reach Mr. Feder who agreed to pay the repair costs and said a check was written and would be received by me within one to two weeks. He left this as a message on my voice mail which I still have. After @3 weeks and no check, I contacted him again when he notified me he was renigging on his agreement and wanted to negotiate the amount. I told him that I could not change the amount that the other company charged for repairing his work that he did not return to repair as he promised. I then filed a civil suit against Mr. Feder and paid to have him served by the Sheriff's department, but when the Sheriffs went to the above address that is the only one given to me, which turns out to be a residential property, the resident said he did not live there. If Mr. Feder is reading this and disputes the validity of my claims, please give me your correct address or meet with me so I can serve the papers for the civil suit or contact the clerk of magistrate court for Gwinnett county regarding civil action number 10M22890.


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