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Posted on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 at 1:06pm CDT by e9a63963

Company: Casanova Enerprizes

Location: 7 Knight Lane
Terryville, CT, 06786, US

Category: Other

We went with Casanova Enterprizes to replace our roof because the salesman Bob offered us everything the other companies had offered us and beat their price. Well, after the job was started, I asked about the vented drip edge not being installed as per our written contract. I was told the foreman would be on site later, and I could talk to him about it. I said I would like to talk to him once he got there. Well, I never saw the foreman until the roof was finished. He told me a drip edge vent could not be put on our roof. It was an impossibility.

Well, if I had known that they could not do a vented drip edge, I would have gone with one of the other roofing companies that offered us one. I asked why we were offered one in our contract. The owner John Casanova said the salesman Bob messed up and offered us 150 dollars off the total contract price as their solution. I accepted the solution as that is the product's cost. I am writing this however because we feel cheated - and want others to beware of Casanova's practice - because in our estimation the salesman Bob sold us a bill of goods to get the job. Sure Bob messed up as the company's owner said, but Casanova Enterprizes is still laughing all way to the bank as they got a job/money they would not have gotten had I known about the vented drip edge being an impossibility.


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