Posted on Saturday, July 24th, 2010 at 12:29am CDT by 05d4ab72

Product: Net10 Prepaid Air Time and Service


Location: CA, US


Category: Online Scams

BEWARE this company is cultivating a multi-million dollar scam.

Their product/service is sold at Walmart. You purchase phone with 60 days of service & 200 airtime minutes that are supposed to carry over. The phone was a piece of crap, it kept falling apart in my hands. Back cover would not snap into place, continually fell off and the battery kept falling out. I contacted them by phone I was put into a que waiting almost 10 minutes.

Finally at contact with live person, Yet my rep could barely be heard over the background voices of other CSR's and the distorted static coming thru. he didn't understand English too well. He finally instructed me to send the phone back once I received new phone they would be sending me. I received new phone with 125 minutes on it but no service days available. I had only used 50 minutes in 45 days - no service days were left on the phone. I got the same phone with same problem.

The instructions gave me a code # to use to activate the phone online. I tried it at least 15 times but kept getting invalid code messages.

I borrowed a friend's phone & called again to complain about my minutes & service dates. I was transferred around to several people. Each time I had to give my name, phone#, address, account# to each transfer. The 3rd one was a supervisor who kept putting me on hold, each time she came back she asked me for my name, phone#, account#....after 2nd time she did this I told her she had better write it down this time because I wasn't going to tell her again. I went round/round with her. She told me she could not activate the remaining days left on the plan because she didn't have that authority. I asked her what is her purpose as a CSR Supervior? She was silent.......She had no idea what she was doing and the phone I was using was dying so I told her I would just purchase the minimum 200 minutes to get some service days. First she tries to sell me more than that. After repeated NO'S from me she then tells me she can't take my cc info and has to transfer me to the correct department..... But not before putting me on hold AGAIN! When she came back I yelled at her and asked what was she waiting for? Transfer me NOW. She starts reading some stupid script about the company and thanking me for my interest. I was extremely irrate - I had already told her that my phone was dying TWICE. I told her to stop talking and transfer me. She continued to read the script. I screamed at her transfer me now or I will report her to a manager. She finished her script and transfered me back to the que. After a minute I got a live person again. I had to give her all my info AGAIN and gave her my cc info and told her to hurry up because my phone was dying. he came back saying she needed to verify my cc info AGAIN. I told her HURRY UP, I am about to loose the connection. She verifies all the info I said yes and then the phone went dead. .....

I waited 1/2 hour and still had no service days on the phone. I emailed them and told them what happened and I couldn't call them because I HAD NO PHONE SERVICE. I checked my bank account and the fee had NOT been charged to my account even though I verified it verbally. I did not get a response until the next day - a generic letter telling me to activate the phone online. I sent back an email explaining to them AGAIN what happened. I advised them if they sent me another generic pre-made letter telling me to activate the phone online that I would report them to the FTC. The next day I got a letter of apology telling me that they made a special new code for me to be able to activate the phone online by purchasing more minutes...... I tried it again and this time the code was valid and my cc info was taken. I got a message saying to wait 30 minutes and the phone would be usable. 2 hours later the phone STILL had no service days. I checked my bank acct and the charge was there. I emailed them again thru their website because the emails they send say do not reply to this address - instead you have to go their site and fill out a contact form, giving all your info again. You have to give them your account # and phone # in TWO seperate places on this form. WHY I don't know because they obviously can't read. TWO DAYS later I got a response to my complaint letter. They apologized again and said they tried to contact me but the number I GAVE THEM was wrong. I had already started saving my emails to them from the site by doing print screens because I knew these people were idiots. I went back and checked the print screen and sure enough I DID PROVIDE THE CORRECT # on my account. The number they wrote in their email to me wasn't even close.

Increduously they told me I had to call them this time. I wrote them back telling them ABSOLUTELY NOT. I had already invested 20 hours of my time dealing with their unprofessional business practices and I was done. I told them to refund the $ they charged me and I was going to use a different service. Again they took several days to respond with ANOTHER APOLOGY letter stating they would refund me once they received the first phone back. I sent the phone and had to pay additionl $ to get a confirmation I knew that they could not betrusted to acknowledge the delivery. I've checked the USPS site and the phone was recieved. That was OVER 3 months ago and I still have not receieved my refund.

I've sent 2 additional email complaints and 1 letter mailed to an address they provided with the 2nd phone they sent me. ALL TO NO AVAIL AND NO RESPONSE FROM THEM.

This company is shady at best and I suspect they will go down in huge ball of flames by the time they're done. I certainly hope that the powers that be in this co. do some jail time. I'm sure they train their employees to play dumb. I'm positive they are aware of all the laws they are breaking and I'm sure they think they will continue to get away with the scam they are pulling. I have just filed a complaint with the FTC and I'm here to encourage all others who have had bad experiences with this company to please do the same. Once the FTC receives enough complaints they will start an investigation with hearing proceedings and the upper management will be required to testify. I will be blogging about this company as much as I can and in as many domains that I can. They messed with the wrong person this time.


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c8406ec5, 2010-12-16, 11:08PM CST

My NET10 phone was easy to setup. I just followed the instructions. I was also able to transfer my phone number from a different carrier. Yes, its true that not everybody in the call center is fluent in english, but then again where can you get a cell phone for $20 a month with no other fees!! Your case is unique. And its possible you fell through the cracks of the system. ATT has had similar problems, thats why people leave. I should also add, there is always a person in a group that blames everyone else. I work for an IT department and some people should not be allowed to work with a computer especially if you don't know that you need to turn it on for the computer to work.

c458eec9, 2014-08-19, 06:00AM CDT

My net10 phone is a Godsend..before I was paying $135 a month for 3 phones..via Verizon a huge shady a** company..I bought three net10 phones at $9 a pop..paid $30 a pop for three 300 minutes cards..$120..I set up all three phones..attached the cards and voila..we have phones..not only that, but they have a built in mp3 and video recorder we love our phones, in 30 days we each shell out $30 for 300 airtime minutes..before we had 700 divided by 3 people..about 233 minutes each..we love our phone so much we don't even mind that it's a flip phone!! $90 once a month...oh yea!

bc3bb7b3, 2015-01-08, 12:41PM CST

I would like to advice those with pre-paid net10 phones to watch yourselves when making a call into this company for days of service and minutes for your phones and using your credit card. I had carryover minutes of 4,977 minutes and had to buy an airtime card every 60 days for service time at the same time adding 300 minutes. ( if you are wondering how I accumulated so many minutes). The first of December I could not find a prepaid card in any store around me so I was forced to call in and order my days of service and minutes over the phone. The representative helped me and I verified that the purchase that I requested( which was the 60 days of service and 300 minutes for the cost of $31.85) was okay. She ran my credit card. The minutes were all messed up but I thought that once I put another card on it, it would straighten itself out. Jan.8th, my phone needed days of service so I bought a card with 60days of service and 300 minutes. That is all I have on my phone at this time.300 minutes. Apparently the representative had took it upon herself to change my prepaid service to an unlimited monthly plan and charged me for it. So when I put the prepaid card on it, I magically changed my plan back to a prepaid phone and therefore I had lost all the 4,977 minutes I had paid for. I have 60 days of service with this phone and then I am going to another carrier. The customer service told me that I had authorized this change and agreed to it so there was nothing they can do. I know I did not want to change my type of phone service, I was happy with the prepaid. So why would I order something I did not want? I am writing this to warn others to be very careful with your prepaid phones. They must have found a flaw in the carryover minute concept and are trying to eliminate those.

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