UPS - UPS cannot delivery my package and here is why!

Posted on Friday, July 23rd, 2010 at 6:13pm CDT by 2f9fec68

Company: UPS

Location: UPS Corporate Headquarters 55 Glenlake Parkway, NE
Atlanta, GA, 30328, US


Category: Other

Today, my package was scheduled for delivery as per online tracking information. I began checking this morning to see where the package was. It was out for delivery. At 2 pm pst I checked again and it said my package had an exception, so I looked to see what that was and apparently the information shown claims either my apartment number is missing or incorrect (really you can be specific). So I called and asked which one was it, the UPS rep replied that my apartment number was missing.I where my package was and what can be done. She said it was at the center and I could pick it up today, then I asked so the driver already took it back, she said no. So then I said so its on the truck. I asked if they could get in touch with the driver, she said no. I asked if she could correct the information (add my apt number) she said no because the sender put a restriction on it saying the address cannot be changed.

So, if the tracking information says they are trying to get the necessary information and I call to give it to them and they say no then who are they trying to retrieve my information from.

As it stands now, I am at the mercy of UPS being able to contact the sender (a private ebay seller) and get my apartment number which UPS has and meanwhile my package is on the truck and at the center, but I can pick it up Monday despite the fact I paid for delivery and I have no car and can't/won't walk 10 miles.

I have never heard of such a policy which really does not apply because the address is not being changed. I had two packages in the last two weeks via the USPS come from Florida and both made it here in two days!


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