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Posted on Thursday, July 22nd, 2010 at 8:07pm CDT by 15968480

Product: Landline phone service; high speed internet

Company: Frontier Communications

Location: 2901 North Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ, 85012, US


Category: Other

My wife and I found a vacation home that we will retire to.

She is an online college instructor, for whom being in constant communication by phone and internet is vital. I am a retired college professor, with disabilities. We have a family with children, and I am very concerned with their security. For these reasons, we wanted to be absolutely sure that our home would have phone and internet service.

The home is outside St. John's, AZ.

The only landline phone service provider in the area is Frontier Communications. Before the purchase of the home became final, I wanted to make ABSOLUTELY sure that we would have phone and internet service. Legally, we could not make any changes to the home before escrow closed. We placed an order with Frontier Communications, via Andy. We agreed on a one year contract for landline phone service and high speed internet at $73.09 per month.

We VERY SPECIFICALLY, THREE TIMES asked by phone: are you ABSOLUTELY sure that you can provide service? We made it 100% clear that the outright purchase of a $90,000 home was based on this. We let Frontier know that my wife's career and the security of our family was involved. We were reassured, WITH NO CONTINGENCIES, that this would be the case.

The terms of the agreement were provided in an email, and a phone number (928-337-2319) and email address were issued. After the escrow closed, we had an installation date on 2-15-2010. The technician told us the installation could not be completed. We had traveled 575 miles for the appointment.

We were asked to follow up with an engineering request, which we did several times. After contacting customer service and escalating the issue, we arranged a meeting at the home.

On May 28, at 9 AM, Dwayne Atwell met us at the vacation home. He indicated that if we wished to pay well in excess of $400,000, we could have a landline phone installed. He indicated that if the cost were to be shared such that 25 households could use the line, we might get the cost down to $16,000 plus.

We filed a breach of contract notice on June 4, 2010, followed by a second notice of breach. My wife also filed a consumer utility complaint with Debbie Reagan ([email protected]) at the Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC). Frontier responded at the last minute to the AZCC complaint. They stated that, unbeknownst to us, they have a right to not provide service if it would be unusually expensive.

We have had to have satellite dishes installed to provide high speed internet and tv service. My wife has tried several kinds of cell phones, with no service to very minimal service. The area is subject to rural burglaries, but a regular security system cannot be installed without a landline. We have had to purchase an expensive Droid that we will be trying.

We are very concerned about what will happen if we have an emergency and must reliably phone a doctor or police officer.

In summary, Frontier's dealings with us have been absolutely disastrous.

We have requested a settlement several times, but they have done absolutely nothing to compensate us- even though we've purchased a home that we otherwise would not have, based on their repeated assurances.

We have suffered HUGE losses due to Frontier's breach.

We spent $100,598: $90,000 for a house that we would not have otherwise purchased, plus $10,598 in security and communications upgrades directly needed as a result of Frontier's breach of their agreement with us.


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