Ets. De Witte - Longines fails to honor its promise

Posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 3:01am CDT by 5f8eac33

Product: Longines L4.721.4.18.6

Company: Ets. De Witte

Location: BRUSSELS, 1000, BE

Category: Other

I am a student studying in Brussels. I bought a longines automatic watch(L4.721.4.18.6)on July 17th. In the evening,my classmate found it did not work. After I shook it, it stopped again in one or two hours, though I kept wearing it. So I went back to the shop the following day(within 24 hours). The shop assistant promised to order a new one.

However,I was greatly disappointed yesterday when I went back. First,they lied,saying they had found a new one.Since I found the serial no. was the same, they admitted and explained they could not find a new one,so they changed the movement of the problem watch.I can't accept the repaired watch. Just imagine who wants to buy a problem watch at full price and then have it repaired the second day.

I like longines watch very much. That's why I bought one as a graduation gift.I choose longines not only because it is elegant,but also it is a world-known brand with good customer services and quality guarantee. But I was greatly disappointed by the manager of the shop who kept saying sorry and that the Longines never replaces a problem watch with a new one. I have read the international guarantee booklet which shows I am entitled to get a new one because I returned the watch within 24 hours. I can't trust Longines's slogan on its website,"Trust is, and will forever remain, at the core of the ongoing relationship between its customers all over the world and Longines." I have written an email to longines directly. I do hope they can solve the problem. Maybe, the shop where I bought the watch may only care about their profits instead of the reputation of a brand. I don't know whether it is a fraud. The shop sold me a problem watch. As it is an automatic watch, I could not notice its problem on the day of purchase.I could only check the outside to see whether there is a scrath or other visible flaws.

I am graduating and will leave Brussles next Thursday. I am so upset that I even do not know how to protect my rights. The shop manager kept silent. What could I do?


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