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Posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 4:16pm CDT by 5e68b963

Product: Blank Master Card

Company: King Soopers

Location: 7984West Alameda Ave.
Lakewood, Co, 80226, US

Category: Other

Bought a blank $50 Master Card from King Soopers at self check out. Because it was self checkout I asked the clerk how to activate it. He scanned it for me and said it was now activated. I didn't need to do anything else? He said no. I left. Next day I tried to register card and web site claimed they had no record of it.

I called help line. They would not help claiming no record of card. I returned to King Soopers. I was referred to female manager who was nice and tried to help. She stated there had been a lot of problems with these cards recently. She wanted to simply trade my card out but was told she could not. The main manager was called. Nick Arceo. He stated there was no returns and they could do nothing. I had the receipt and the card and told him he needed to do something. I explained that his store apparently had a contract with a credit card company that when a customer bought their card, King Soopers agreed to activate it. I told him my card had not been activated and that he either needed to help get it activated or contact the company for me. He asked for an Activation Receipt. This was the first I ever heard of an activation receipt. The clerk at Self Serve never mentioned it nor gave me one. I told this to Nick Arceo. Mr. Arceo stated that I was given one. I told him I did not receive one. By his words, He inferred, in front of his staff that I was lieing. He didn't bother to check out anything. Just came to the conclusion that I was lieing. I was not. I raised my voice explaining that I had bought this card at his store, had my receipt and needed it activated. He told me to be quiet or leave. I told him I would not. He said to leave or he would call the police. He then refused to talk anymore and summoned security. So this must be King Soopers new customer policy.

Don't help the customers, be too lazy to check out what they are saying and tell them to leave or have them arrested. Was Arceo surprised someone would raise their voice after he infers, in front of his staff, that the customer is a liar without checking any of the facts out? Just because he's too lazy to find or check out the truth, another should not be upset? At no time did I cuss or use any foul language. The harshest thing I said was that he was a thief and cheating me out of $50.00. King Soopers does not operate in a vacuum. They do not sell anything without elaborate computers documenting and registering each and every purchase. Since I had the receipt, if they wanted, they could have checked time and date of transaction to verify purchase. They would have then known what clerk was working and could have talked to them. They could have looked up the purchase in their records. Since it was a Master Card and they claim a separate activation receipt is needed, then there should be a computer record of the sale ( I had the original receipt) along with a corresponding activation code receipt or lack of one. Regardless, they could have looked into it. But instead of using common sense or spending any effort to help a customer, their new policy, enforced by Nick Arceo was simply to discount the customer, infer they are a liar, then when the customer becomes upset, tell them to leave or be arrested. The manager's action resembled more of a screw you, beat it, policy. I'm out $50.00 because Arceo is too lazy to check the records or ask someone else to. This is no more than corporate theft. An 'I could care less' attitude by a lazy rude manager.

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64073f3b, 2012-07-10, 08:36AM CDT

Nick Areco didn't infer anything. He implied. YOU inferred.

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