Ford Credit - Ford Credit Payoff Document Price Gouging

Posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 5:31pm CDT by 0fd3de4c

Product: Ford Credit

Company: Ford Credit

Location: Dearborn MI

Category: Other

I am a Navy veteran who just returned hom from a one year tour to Afghanistan along the Afghani-Pakistani border chasing taliban and Al Qadae insurgents.

Today I called Ford Credit to obtain a copy of the document showing I had paid off my loan in 2007 on a 35,000 Ford Expedition. I have had 3 additional vehicles finance by Ford over the last 20 years.

Ford's representative stated that in order to fax me a copy of the payoff verification notice I would have to pay a fee of $17.00!!!

How much lower can a company go than to charge it's customers $17 for a fax???

It does give me some satisfaction knowing Ford, today just lost the sale on a 2010 F250 pick up to Chrysler / Dodge.


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