Accord de Langues - Disappointing Accord French Summer Classes in Paris

Posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 6:13am CDT by f430c1ab

Product: French Summer Classes in Paris

Company: Accord de Langues

Location: Paris, 75009, FR


Category: Other

I am a 15 year old high school student, a complete beginner in French, and my parents sent me to this summer camp. I was a day student for 2 weeks, and I am very sorry to say that I was extremely disappointed with this school for the following reasons:

1. On their website, they promise a maximum of 14 people in one class, and an "average of 12". I had for most of the days, more than 14 in my class, sometimes close to 20 people.

2. The school was terribly disorganized. The first day of camp was spent almost entirely on placement. Even then, I had to move classes around five to six times over the two weeks.

3. Although I was moved around five to six times, I ended up learning from 3 teachers, and except for one teacher, the quality of teaching was poor. If you want to learn to speak or improve French, I strongly recommend looking into other schools.

4. Owing to all these problems, my parents made numerous complaints in person, over the phone and through email. Every time they complained, the school promised improvement but little changed. One of the receptionists also admitted that my parents were not the only ones who complained. When my parents asked to speak to the directer, they were told to email him/her but s/he never responded to the email. When my mother called to ask why there was no response, the receptionist said that there was nothing she could do because s/he was very busy and ended up hanging up on my mom which I think was truly unprofessional and rude of her.

I believe the school should refund, and I strongly discourage anyone from going to this French summer classes.


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