TSC The Shopping Cannel - Customer Service Issues And Dishonest Supervisers

Posted on Wednesday, July 21st, 2010 at 6:59pm CDT by 0787c063

Product: Returns And Credits Owed

Company: TSC The Shopping Cannel

Location: Toronto, On, CA

Category: Other

I have been with the shopping channel for many yrs.And i was one of their best customers (so i was told by them.)

I was using Canada Post to ship orders from them and using canada post to return.There was a problem with my orders getting to me,and with returns.So they told me to use UPS.So i had to pay double shipping cost,$10.99 in order to have them ship the items to me.

At the end of March they had changed their return policy. If using canada post they would return shipping cost and taxes.But i was told by them to use the optional courier service because if anything happened with lost returns or orders from them, they would not guarantee my money owed back.

Well ups can take up to 8:00pm to pick up the shippment.That was not an option for me.BECAUSE some of us do work for a living and can't sit and wait for them to pick up.

So i called and was told by customer service to call before shipping a return back to them so that i could get was owed to me,tax's and shipping cost.

So there was a discusion as to me using purolator.That it was ok so i was told.

So time after time i had to call and try to get what was owed back to me.

I had a rep that was very rude and basically told me that i was lying because no one would have told me that it was fine to use purolator.

I was livid so i said let me talk to a supervisor, so i explained my frustration about constanly trying to get my tax's and shipping back.There was no appology about the rude and indignet attitude of the customer rep. NOT ONE.

So i asked if she was going to stick by what i was told, and she said no.So i told her that the customer care reps that work there were very rude at times,but it didn't seem to matter.

I guess it boils down to the ALMIGHTY DOLLAR with them.They just don't care anymore about their customers and especially one of their best customers as what was said by them to me.

So after spending several min on the phone explaining what i was told that using purolator in the past was fine.It was evident that i was wasting my breath so i told her that i was shutting down my acct with them.All i got from her was that: Now using her words i quote.

(I understand if you want to shut it down)

So they have lost a very good customer after all of this.

So what i would say to everyone that has used them to shop or customers that are still shopping there beware.

I was so discusted by the whole thing and the amt of dishonestly that these people show,it's mind boggling to say the least.

So i will never use them again as long as i live.

And others out there may want to think twice about giving them your hard earned money.

Even calling to report the crap they pull, you cannot get past customer service.It will not get past them.They just ignore all complaints.

You can't even e-mail the person higher than a supervisor without going through customer service.

They have demonstrated that they are a a company which has no conscience about how they treat their customers.And doing the right thing


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