Holiday Inn Express San Antonio, Texas - Holiday Inn Express didn't honor reservations

Posted on Tuesday, July 20th, 2010 at 12:28pm CDT by e7a2cc25

Product: Hotel room reservstions

Company: Holiday Inn Express San Antonio, Texas

Location: 120 Camaron St San Antonio, TX
San Antonio, TX, US

Category: Other

This letter accompied the return of the T-shirts presented to my wife and me.

My wife and I recently attended an International Convention held in San Antonio over the 4th of July weekend. As you recall, we had reservations at the Holiday Inn Express in down town San Antonio, reservations we made in early 2010. You called us approximately two weeks prior to the event informing us, there had been a computer problem and our reservation information lost , and we would have to relocate because the convention had over booked your down town location. You obtained accommodation for us at a facility near the airport. It apparently was not an issue that we had reservations at the Holiday Inn Express for the same time period as the convention. I selected your hotel based on past good experiences and its location to the convention facilities. I am disabled and the relocation to the other facility presented problems during my stay.

When we checked into the other facility, we were presented with two Holiday Inn Express T-shirts that had printed across the front, I spent the night in jail. I'm not sure what your organization was trying to do, if it was an attempt to placate my disappointment with your organization, it woefully missed the mark. Since October of 2009 I have stayed in Holiday Inn facilities twice and had anticipated staying for the reservations I had for San Antonio. Looking at my bills for these stays it would have totaled approximately $1600 dollars. I have a saying when I receive bad service with no reasonable explanation, Apparently they don't want my money, I bet someone else will.

I have learned that I should never attack the messenger, but the message sometimes deserves an attack. That is my intent here to attack the message. The message that I received was that our welcome at the Holiday Inn was not being tendered and that is was in the best interest of Holiday Inn to bow to the needs of a convention first and not honor prior reservations to an everyday customer as me. It also raises a point about why anyone would make reservations if the reservations are not going to be honored.

In this situation, I believe it would have been better had Holiday Inn left well enough alone or thought of a better solution to at least make an attempt at the possibility of having us for customers at a later date. We have yet to receive a satisfactory explanation as to why we were relocated (other than the convention over booked your location) despite having early reservations not made through the convention. We are still looking forward to that explanation. There certainly could have been a better attempt at ensuring our return to another Holiday Inn location other than two Holiday Inn Express T-shirts advertising your company and saying I SPENT THE NIGHT IN JAIL! Oops, by the way they were the wrong size shirts anyway. In returning these shirts, I hope you can give them to a satisfied customer because I WASN'T!!!


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