Smith Cairns Ford - Broke console in auto and refused to fix

Posted on Friday, July 2nd, 2010 at 5:26pm CDT by 6bca51a5

Product: Auto Repair

Company: Smith Cairns Ford

Location: 279 North Bedford Rd
Mt Kisco, NY, 10549, US

Category: Other

I took my 1999 Ford explorer to Smith Cairns Ford Dealership in Mt. Kisco NY for an Oil change and to have lighter placed behind the center console panel of the dash where it should have been all along in addition to having the radio antenna replaced.

It took Ed 1 week to determine that the part was after market and they could not find one. In the mean time they glued in the lighter until a part could be found. When I returned home from picking up the truck I realized the lighter no longer worked and the antenna had not been replaced. The phone calls from both me and my husband were not readily returned. We had to keep calling until someone picked up.

The second time they worked on it I tested the lighter before leaving, it did not work again. They said they would order a new part. The following week, for the third time I took the truck to have the lighter repaired. After 1.5 hours they returned the truck and said it was good.

During acceleration out of the driveway the entire center console where the lighter is located along with the radio and air conditioning fell out of the dash. Granted one of the trim tabs on the right was broken before bringing the truck to the dealership but the central console remained in the dash. Now nothing was holding it in place. The general manager as I was turning around heading back to the dealership. For the third time the service department had returned the truck with something not working correctly and no explanation. Ed the service manager overheard me talking to the General Manager He became very angry and turned bright red. He asked me what I thought I was doing calling the GM in front of him after all he had done for me.

Ed un-successfully Krazy glued the console back and continued to get angrier as the minutes ticked by fuming about how ungrateful I was and how could I call Mike in front of him and how could I be so ungratful after all they have done. Mike the general manager came out and said that this was all they could do for me and, his dealership is not required to work on late model vehicles such as this 1999 Explorer and had no obligation to fix the dash.


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