Heiser Ford - Car dealer lies and sells car we'd already inspected

Posted on Monday, July 19th, 2010 at 2:19pm CDT by 560bca53

Product: Elantra Hatchback 2005

Company: Heiser Ford

Location: 1700 W. Silver Spring Drive
Glendale, WI, 53209, US

Category: Other

My husband looked at a 2005 Elantra Hatchback on Wednesday July 14 and expressed interest in this car, and discovered a sound in the brakes he was concerned about. He wasn't able to get it inspected that day and so did it on the following date. He told the salesman he would buy the car if the brake issue was resolved. (The mechanic who inspected it also discovered the radiator hose wasn't connected) Heiser said they'd fix it and call Joe him Friday. They didn't. He called numerous times to find out what was happening, Heiser never called back. Saturday, the salesman called and said it would be done Monday morning and they'd touch base then. This morning he called to tell Joe it would be done in an hour and a half. When Joe called back, they told him that gee, the reality was, the car was sold, as is, on Saturday. The manager I spoke to said my husband had been asked to sign a committment to purchase contingent on the problem being fixed. Never happened. The salesman said a couple of times, you want the car, right? Why would we get the car inspected and then keep calling and waiting to find out what was happening with the car if we didn't? Joe was never asked for a deposit either. When I called the manager he insisted my husband had "refused" to sign a committment, contingent upon the car being fixed. Never was offered. had he been, he would have signed it.

Oddly enough the salesman wanted to keep us on the string Saturday, and this morning when he lied about the car being "almost finished". My guess is somewhere in that hour and a half someone bought the car without probably even knowing there IS a brake issue. At Heiser, the customer is always wrong.


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