Long Island Tree Care - Terrible Service, Threatening Phone Calls, Fraudulent Charges

Posted on Friday, July 16th, 2010 at 7:58pm CDT by f5051f84

Product: Tree Care

Company: Long Island Tree Care

Location: PO Box 831
Hicksville, NY, 11801, US

Category: Other

Spent $1,800+ last year on tree/insect treatments. Didn't notice one bit of difference in outdoor bugs or health of trees so didn't want to renew for this year. This year the account rep calls all hours of the day on all numbers including my cell (when I am at work, at night, when I am driving). I eventually relented and agreed to one treatment for $239.98. Immediately after the treatment, the calls started again. I told him to stop calling and to send me his bill. He did send the bill but the calls continued, asking for my credit card number. By now my antenna was up so I didn??t want to give him my cc number. However, within 3 or four days of us getting the bill, he got my wife on the phone and she gave him a credit card number. It was the July 4th weekend and we had 30 guests visiting so she just wanted to get him of the phone. He promptly and fraudulently charged us for $553.67 (compared to the bill of $239.98). He also started saying how your husband is not a man, what does he do for a living, where does he work, etc. She eventually hung up on him. He immediately made a crank call back, asked for my wife and started saying things like 'I want you', 'I want to meet you' etc. She hung up again. I left a message at the office number explaining this and threatening to go the authorities. The calls have since stopped but there was no return call with an apology or an attempt to fix the overcharge.


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