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Posted on Friday, July 16th, 2010 at 2:38pm CDT by 94153b89

Product: 30 day supply Prescription

Company: Target

Location: 1850 Northwest Chipman Road
Lee's Summit, MO, 64064, US


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I have been getting several of my prescriptions filled at Target for over two years. Two days ago I went to get one of them filled. The drug is a controlled substance so I have to get a new prescripton every month from my doctor so she gives me two at a time and when one runs out then I have the next prescription. So for this SAME DRUG and the PRESCRIPTION EXACTLY THE WAY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN for over two years, when I dropped it off to be filled while I bought groceries I asked if they had a suffiient quantity on hand and was told yes. So I was getting groceries when they called my name over the P.A. and this different pharmacist who I later learned (Crystal is her name) is actually the supervisor of this Target pharmacy. But she told me she could not fill the scrip because my doctor wrote it wrong. Then she started on about tablets and capsules and blah blah. Anyway I said well then please call the doctor and she said "I Can't" (I won't would be more accurate). So basically she tells me she won't fill this drug that I have gotten there for over two years and she won't call to get her question answered. I abandoned a cart full of groceries and left. I went to another totally different pharmacy (not Target), gave them the scrip and they filled it within 15 minutes with no hassel. So obviously Target filled it before and then this other pharmacy filled it but Crystal the supervisor refused (she kept saying IT'S AGAINST THE LAW (for me to fill it). I had just gotten electrical/phone service restored to my house after it was out almost 2 days due to a storm and really didn't need the additional hassle or the annoyance. I was so furious I never even thought to point out that if it was breaking the law then Target had been breaking it every month for 2 years.

I called two days later and talked to another pharmacist and he got out all my old scrips and apologized and said he saw what the problem was the doctor wrote it for tablets but the drug name (not generic) came in capsules. It seems the capsules are timed release. Based on this other pharmacist REASONING POWER he was able to figure out, as every pharmacist had before, that it was indeed supposed to be tablets as written and not capsules and he knew that because the scrip of mine is for 7 pills a day throughout the day and it wouldn't be written with timed release capsules as it would be an overdose. PLus he said if he had questions he would just call the doctor. I said I asked Crystal to and she flat out REFUSED to call the doctor. So she (this supervisor, no less) couldn't figure out what everyone else managed to figure out previously and she wouldn't call my doctor, in essence leaving me without my prescription.

I WILL NEVER EVER fill one more prescription at Target if that is the mentality of their supervisor. This older pharmacist I talked to said he was going to take it upon himself to move it up a level to Crystal's supervisor so they know the kind of unacceptable behavior, rudeness and unresponsiveness to my requests that they can expect from this "Supervisor" who is apparently young and "upwardly mobile" despite the fact that she doesn't know what she's doing. Target apparently advances not the people with the knowledge but the Young and Up and Coming.

Give me the tried and true experienced every time and save me from Supervisors (who don't deserve to be) every time.


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