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Posted on Friday, July 16th, 2010 at 3:55am CDT by 742e99ab

Product: household door to door move

Company: Pricebreak Shipping

Location: US


Category: Other

In July of 2009 I contracted Pricebreak shipping to send my household goods from Boston Ma.,USA, to Valencia, Spain.

Initially everything seemed to be professional and well organized, that is until my first pick up date.

After missing several appointments to pick up my goods, causing me to lose 2 tickets for non refundable air travel,

and paying an extra month of rent, I finally had a truck show up at my apartment. The truck had a driver, and no-one else,

but I had paid for door to door service. So that I would not miss another flight, I called all of my friends and we got

the truck loaded. While in transit there were several fees to be paid that were not outlined in the contract, but I paid

them as I had no choice, they had all my things! In November I was informed by a company called EuroUSA that my goods had

arrived in Europe and that they were scheduled for delivery that month. A week later I was told by EuroUSA that my goods

were on hold indefinitely by Pricebreak shipping. After weeks of literally begging for my own belongings I finally received

most of it. The entire time I was made to feel as though I were doing something wrong, and all I did was try to get my

belongings to Spain. The following e-mail messages are the actual e-mails from both companies and myself during this

last part of my experience. This rude and immature behavior is the act of 2 companies that used me in a pissing war with

each other, and have STILL to live up to their own promises. Anyone reading this needs to know that everything is completely

true, I am not a competitor, or an ex-employee trying to ruin thier good name. The following e-mails begin from the first

communication I had stating that my goods were placed on hold due to non-payment of my account,which was only the beginning

of the lies. If anyone would like any more info about my dealing please e-mail me at [email protected], and please, for

your own good, find another company to ship your household

The end result of all of this is that I had my household goods held hostage, was insulted and lied to at every turn, and

STILL have not recieved all my stuff, nor a refund for my missing items that was promised to me by these companies. It is

now one year since I started this move and because of PRICEBREAK SHIPPING I am still not done. Please do not use these people

for your move, you will regret it.

David Wilson


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