Breach of contract

Posted on Friday, July 16th, 2010 at 1:25pm CDT by 57833796

Product: Centennial

Company: Not Available

Location: VI

Category: Other

I entered into a 4 year contract with Centennial when they were offering an unlimited internet and telephone deal for $45.00 per month.. About 4 months into the contract, I opted to add a cell phone as well. Soon after, the cordless phone malfunctioned and I was told that they did not have any on hand and that they were not sure as to how long it would take. Five months later, while still paying for the inoperative phone service, internet and cell; I was informed that the contract which I entered into for $45.00 would no longer be available without a cogent explanation. Efforts to address this issue has still gone unresolved. Presently, I am billed monthly, even though I am without service. There is a ethical issue here.


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