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Posted on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 at 5:38pm CDT by 6716cf62

Product: HP Pavillaion Entertainment PC

Company: HP

Location: 3000 Hanover St. Bldg. 6A, Mail Stop 1247 Palo Alto, CA 94304
Palo Alto, CA, 94304, US

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On February 26, 2010 I walked into the Best Buy Tempe Marketplace and purchased my first ever HP Laptop. The salesman did a wonderful job in selling me the entertainment laptop with all the bells and whistles including the internal Sprint broadband card. By the time it was all said and done, I walked out of the store with $800 less in my bank account. Listed below is the series of activities I have experienced with this HP Pavillion Entertainment PC.

2/26/10 Purchased computer from Best Buy $610.87; Sprint Broadband Service $180

2/27/10 Purchased HP Photosmart Printer $108.89 from Best Buy

3/2/10 to 3/13 Installed all the Windows updates on the computer (mouse began to act crazy called tech support instructed to reinstall all mouse drivers to no avail). System still quirky, but hey at least it turns on.

3/13 to 3/19 Traveled to Texas, Daughter noticed mouse running all over screen, I restore system to original factory settings.

3/19 to 6/26 System gets even more quirky every time Microsoft updates are required to be installed. At the request of tech support, no longer accept windows updates to minimize system instability. In the process, I continue to download purchased itunes music rebuilding my library $120. During this time, at tech supports request, (Service ticket #8039738958) Instructed to backup hard drive (which never works because the computer always stalls during the backup process). Finally give up and completely wipe the hard drive twice as instructed by tech support losing pictures from my first Bahamas trip and all of the itunes music I purchased since buying the computer. Afer wiped hard drive, computer still not working, grimaced and decided its time to call tech support again! LOVELY! Because tech support calls take at least 3 hrs to go through all of the troubleshooting processes, I have to limit my calls to them until the weekend because I work and go to school and have absolutely no patience for something that should have worked from the beginning. In the process, I finally decided to open the printer (yes finally open the printer I bought and install it on my Dell desktop that has functioned well for over 10 years). Plug in the HP Photosmart C4795 printer (Serial # CN01CKY0Q9) all lights, bells, whistle come on, install the paper and the error message printer out of paper continues to come on. So for shits and grins, I call tech support to see what is now wrong with the printer. My laptop is worthless, now my printer fresh out of the box is worthless also. After removing, reinstalling, unplugging and replugging the printer, the technican hangs up on me. YES, HANGS UP ON ME. To this day, the printer still does not work and I have no patience to call tech support to figure it out at least until my laptop is returned.

6/27 started called with tech support again (216 pm). After much distress and too many hours of frustration, the tech decides (to my objection) to send me (an average person who knows absolutely nothing about the computer once its opened) a replacement hard drive (service order #BLR272-01). After receiving the hard drive (with no freakn instructions!)

6/29/10 - I call tech support again (6/29) (started at (847 pm) to find out how to install the hard drive. Mike the attendant walked me through the process of installing hard drive. Throughout the ordeal, I explain to him, its not working. How do I do this, How do I pull this out , slide it back in. Cant I just send the whole computer to you guys for repair. After installing, reseating, and installing the hard drive again, the system still does not work. Mike informs me he would now place an order for my computer to be shipped to the factory for repair under my warranty. In the process of identifying whats wrong with the hard drive, I noticed in the specs, the hard drive had the warranty information listed incorrectly. It said the warranty began in January. When I mentioned to Mike that I did not purchase the computer until Feb 26, he informed me that once the computer is repaired (HA!!!) I could call back and have them update my warranty by merely providing the purchase receipt. Now when Mike informed me the repair itself would take 9 to 10 business days at this point I lost it! From the beginning Ive had nothing but problems with this computer and on top of that, I now have to wait another 10 days for repairs. I ask to speak to a manager and after another 30 mins of waiting I am connect to an employee named Hardik. Hardik repeatedly told me there was no way to escalate my repair service. There was no way for HP to extend my warranty even though the computer is not working and that he was the ultimate decision maker in the repair process. He was not authorized to provide my contact information to anyone else in HP and would process my repair per the terms of my warranty. Fine at this point its well past 952 pm and Ive had my share of HP.

7/01/10 receive the box and quickly packed up the dead machine to send back to HP for repair.

7/08/10 received voice mail and email stating customer relations needs to speak with me. I call them and Im now informed the motherboard was damaged in the repair process and I will be liable for the motherboard repair. I told them, check the tapes. I told the technician at the time that I did not know how to repair a computer and he continued to ask me to perform the repair myself. NOW I WILL HAVE TO PAY FOR IT YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! Attendant Lee told me the process will take longer and the infamous case manager will give me a call and a new contact number by Tuesday (7/13) at the latest.

7/13/10 I check my phone voicemail.. no calls no nothing from what I believe is the case manager that obviously does not work. So what do I do I call tech support again. Provide them with new contact number because at this point, I decided to cancel the broadband card subscription ($70/month) because I have not been able to use it for the last three months due to this crazy computer. Whats the update - no update, the case management team has my case and will call me. At this point, I realize I will not have a computer when school starts on 7/19, but now its about the principle. HP provides crappy overpriced laptops and the worst customer experience I have ever experienced in my life.

7/15/10 @1230 pm check my phone voicemail, check my emails. NOTHING.

If I have to summarize the cost of purchasing these two HP items (listed below), I could truly say, I feel robbed (and yes the robbing continues because I do not have a computer or a printer that works).

HP Pavillion Entertainment Laptop: $610.87

Sprint Broadband service: $320

Printer: $108.89

Time on the phone with tech support = $38/hr (my current salary) x 25 hrs = $950

Lost Itunes = $127.00

Norton Antivirus purchase - $80

Lost Photos (granddaughter/visit with son/Bahamas trip) = priceless


I understand I am but one customer amongst many but Im not rich by far and saved a long time between caring for my kids, my mother and attending school to purchase what I thought was superior HP products (laptop and printer). The only think I have to show is $2195 (the cost of one of my classes) down the tubes and two items that still do not work bought from people that genuinely dont care.

All I want was my computer to work. My printer to work so I can complete my class work.


Completely disappointed HP customer


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