DOBBS GMC PONTIAC - GMC robbed me of thousands of dollars, and they don't honor their warranties!!!

Posted on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 at 9:17pm CDT by b03f8892


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I was having problems cranking up my 97 Chevy Tahoe. I didn't know what the problem was, so I took it to the GMC dealership. I took it to GMC because I thought that I could trust them fixing it, over someone on the street. I paid them their money, and not even two months truck is doing the same thing it was doing before. It was making the same noises, and it was doing the same exact thing. I took my truck back to the shop, and they kept it for a few days. They called me back and told me that they didn't have a problem starting the truck, and that I could come pick it up. I picked the truck up, and just a few weeks later it was doing the same thing. I took it back again, and they kept it for a few days again. GMC called me and told me that the truck cranked right up. They said that they added some fuel cleaner, and everything was okay. I pick the truck up again, and again, shortly after, I find myself having the same problem. I send my truck there again for the simple fact that I believe I have a "warranty" on the services done to my truck. This time, they tell me that I need a distributor and it's gonna cost $600.00. I tell them I'm not paying them anything, because I have a warranty. GMC tells me that they'll call me back. About three days later, GMC calls me back and tells me that I need a distributor, and it's gonna cost $900.00.

It's ridiculous...they want me to pay them another $1,000 to fix a problem that I shouldn't be having two months later after spending $2,000 two months ago. I believe they're trying to take advantage of a woman with kids that's just trying to make it. They should be ashamed of themselves. So in closing, I have no choice but to take them to court, because I "thought", that I had a "WARRANTY".


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