Paper Transport Inc - Drivers Beware

Posted on Thursday, July 15th, 2010 at 1:11pm CDT by fdb952d9

Product: Paper Transport Inc

Company: Paper Transport Inc

Location: 2701 Executive Drive, Green Bay Green Bay Wisconsin 54304 United States of America
Green Bay, Wi, 54304, US

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I'll start out this by saying Paper Transport used to be a fantastic company. Until Lenny Shepsheck forced Roger Grimsley one of the owners out of the company. And it's been nothing but downhill ever since. Lenny Spepsheck put his young nephew in charge. This young man is not even competent enough to run a road side lemonade stand. He might be book smart but no common sense, The only thing Jeff Shepsheck should be doing in the trucking industry is washing truck. Then to make things even worse they hire a rejects from Schneider transportation Ken Marvenco. But then again one more loser fits right in with the rest of the losers.

Okay lets get meat of this report. If you're considering going to work for Paper Transport. Think again,, if they offer you a bonus don't count on it . They'll do their best to find some reason to let you go before they have to pay it. In my case called me in on a Thursday, and came up with two a bogus reasons to terminate my employment. Complete lies! Yet they gave me the chance to resign my position. Under no circumstances was I about to do that. So Two months later my unemployment hearing they showed up with no evidence of their two claims against me. (They were just hoping I wouldn't show up hearing) Needless to say the state ruled in my behalf. But there again the damage is done. They refuse to remove their bogus claims against me DAC report. But then what could I expect from the type of people that they are, I am very antiunion, but if any transportation company needs to represented by a union Paper Transport is it! And I'm not the only one that they have done this to. I could tell you of another man they did the same thing to. (But they let him go, on the afternoon of Xmas eve for no reason except his sing-on bounce was due within two weeks.)


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