US Online America Group - FORMER EMPLOYEE

Posted on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 at 4:11pm CDT by f7a591cb

Product: At home business

Company: US Online America Group

Location: 404 W Broadway Rd Suite 107
Tempe, AZ, 85283, US


Category: Other

I used to work for USOAG and this company is a huge scam. Coming from a previous employee, DO NOT SIGN WITH COMPANY. DEMAND TO CANCEL IF ALREADY SIGNED. They will state that there are no refunds. Contact your banking institution and file for fraud. This company is a joke. The program does not work at all. I was in customer service and had to deal with HUNDREDS of phone calls a day from people in US And Canada about how it was a scam and it's true. If you are already going through with the program but have NOT signed the Associate Buyers Agreement, demand to cancel and DO NOT LET THEM TRICK YOU INTO STAYING. The ladies in customer service will state that a manager has to get back to you. TELL THEM YOU WILL FILE FRAUD AND STOP APYMENT ON CARD. IF THEY HANG UP CALL EVERY 15 MINS TIL A MANAGER IS TRANSFERED TO YOU! Sorry to anyone that was sucked in but I used to work for the company. DON'T DO IT!


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