State Farm Insurance - Crooked State Farm claims paying policy

Posted on Wednesday, July 14th, 2010 at 1:05pm CDT by Faheem A.

Product: Automobile Insurance Claim

Company: State Farm Insurance

Location: One State Farm Plaza Bloomington, IL 61710
Bloomington, IL, 61710, US


Category: Other

To: Mr. Edward B Rust Chairman & CEO

I am forced to file this complaint against your company due to the following:

I filed an automobile claim with State Farm as a vehicle insured by State Farm damaged my vehicle by rear ending it. State Farm claims rep are not only rude but they decided from day one that they were going to deny the claim based on uninsured motorist, even before they had conducted an investigation which goes to show that this must be standard State Farm policy. Here are the facts: the driver of the other vehicle, an unlicensed driver is driving the vehicle for the insured conducting a cleaning business and his job is to drive the cleaning crew around town and to this day the same individual is driving the same vehicle and doing the same thing where as the insured claims that the driver did not have permission to drive the car, hence the denial of the claim. Are State Farm reps and investigators really that stupid, why would the insured accept responsibility when they have State Farm on their side and they can get away with making a false statement. State Farm has a moral responsibility to investigate such statements thoroughly before accepting any statements made by the insured. How do I know that State Farm Claims Rep did not advise the insured to make the false statement so they could deny the claim. Apparently it is beneficial for State Farm to keep the premium dollars by accepting false statements. What happens when tomorrow the same individual driving a State Farm insured vehicle seriously hurts or kills someone will state farm still hide behind the uninsured motorist claim and deny the claim. Anyone doing business with State Farm should reconsider.


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