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Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 5:00pm CDT by 64a1184d

Product: Nintendo DS

Company: Target Stores

Location: 4760 State Highway 121
Lewisville, TX, 75056, US


Category: Other

I bought a Nintendo DS for my grandson last September. I bought the 3 yr. extended warranty because I was told I could just return the item to the store if anything happened to it and they would replace it. Well, recently the left hinge broke that holds the screen on. I took it back to the store and was told I would need to send it in to their warranty department and that they would send it off to Nintendo to be fixed, but that it was probably not going to be covered because this is not considered "normal wear and tear". I spoke to the Manager on Duty who said there is nothing he can do, but gave me the customer service 800#. I called and was told the only thing they could do was file a complaint and use this complaint to train their assiciates not to sell their warranties in this manner. They will not honor what I was told and replace the item.

The entire reason I bought the extended warranty was because I was told I would not have to send it anywhere and that they covered it if it were to break - period! I have purchased other large electronics at Target and have always purchased the extended warranties, but now I am afraid I have been taken for a ride on all of these. This is a total scam and shoulod not be legal! Isn't this consumer fraud?


81710a68, 2010-08-23, 02:09PM CDT

I completely AGREE! I have had the exact same problem. That is what I was told when I bought the extended warranty, and they told me I would have to send the product into the warranty dept. to be fixed.

26870114, 2010-10-17, 10:14PM CDT

I bought the extended warranty also, and got the same response. The same thing happened to my ds the left hinge broke. there should be something we could do. Im tired of warranties not paying for what they r supposed to pay.

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