At&T - Lie about merging two accounts into a family plan

Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 4:30pm CDT by 504c619d

Company: At&T

Location: 3217 West Washtenaw Avenue
ann arbor, mi, 48105, US

Category: Other

My wife and I were Verizon customers. We were interested in switching to AT&T because we liked iPhone.

We wanted a family plan, but had different area codes. Before we bought the plans, we were told that we can keep our numbers and still retain the family plan, just like we were able to do with Verizon.

But after we purchased the plan, the salesman and At&T both declared that it is not possible unless we have a business.

The salesman (Aaron) at the At&T center had in fact told me that he did a similar thing for another couple, but then failed to honor his promise after selling his service.


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