Intex Recreation Corp - Intex Recreation = FAIL.

Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 3:34pm CDT by 5937c237

Product: 14' self setting pool w/filter 21144207

Company: Intex Recreation Corp

Location: 4001 Via Oro Ave Ste 210 (or P.O. Box 1440) Long Beach, CA 90801-1440
Long Beach, CA, 90801-1440, US


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I'm on my 3rd Intex pool in 6 years. None of them have ever wear well and not only is their quality poor, their company's Customer Service Dept. is inept and purposefully obtuse.

The Filter:

For the smaller pools the filter was adequate. My latest pool, the 14'x42" Model# 21144207, bought at Sports Authority has a filter that is listed online as 2500gal capacity, but customer service insists its a 1000 gal. It operates that way too because keeping it clean is a full time job.


I placed 3 orders from Intex for replacement hoses and received the wrong size each time. The hoses needed for this 2 y/o model are apparently not available anymore. I spent $50 on 3 orders for $8 in parts that don't fit due to non-refundable shipping costs. Further I have to pay for postage to return the parts which close equal to the cost of the parts. That basically equals ZERO refund and I never did get my money back OR proper replacement hoses.


The pools themselves are poor quality lasting on average for me 2 years before the vinyl dries out and the holes become impossible to keep up with. I clean, dry and fold carefully along welded seems when storing in my basement in a Rubbermaid box. Holes develop in pool's skin regardless. If the pool could last even just 3 years it might be worth the retail price, but the landfills are being littered with them at a prodigious rate because of this. I have several friends who've replaced theirs; none lasting more than 2 years and all of them vowed to never buy another Intex pool.

The only time they're "worth it" is to buy at the end of the season when you can get them from Wal-Mart or Target for 30%-50% of their retail cost.

Intex Corp. appears to be a company big on ideas but not on execution or customer satisfaction. In a rush to grab your money, they sell pools which are essentially disposable and their company won't satisfy simple and reasonable customer complaints.


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