PhoneZone Cranston - Horrible Service from PhoneZone

Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 11:06pm CDT by c0003d3a

Product: PhoneZone - TMobile

Company: PhoneZone Cranston

Location: 284 Garfield Avenue
Cranston, RI, 02920, US

Category: Other

I went to this TMobile dealer (PhoneZone) in Cranston, RI, to upgrade two phones on my cellphone lines on April 13, 2010. The store and TMobile has a disclaimer that states they will be glad to assist customers with returns / exchanges within 14 days... When I went back on the 14th day (April 26, 2010)to exchange one of the phones for another one (my husband didn't like the cellphone I got him, and after two weeks of nagging me to return it, I decided to.... I hate having to return things). The cellphone was in "like new" condition and I had all the accessories that came with it. PhoneZone checked their system and even COUNTED the days to make sure that it had not passed 14 days (seemed like they really didn't want to exchange my phone for me). Well the sales associate asked me if I paid in cash and I told her yes, then she asked again if I just wanted an exchange, and I said yes. She then asked me what phone I wanted to exchange my present phone with, and surprisingly every phone I pointed out to, one after another, was "out of stock". So finally, she tells me that she will try to order the tmobile mytouch for overnight delivery and that she will give me a call in an hour (it was 5pm when I left the store). I waited an hour, then I waited two more hours.. still no call from her. It was then 8pm and the store closed at 9pm, so I decided to give them a call... ANOTHER surprise.. Wowww, they didn't pick up the phone, but a voice message machine picked up, so I left a message with my name and number and my message. I never recieved a return call from them. After a week I called them and the sales associate who was suppose to do the exchange for me,answered the phone. She told me that PhoneZone's vendor did not make the tmobile mytouch anymore and that she would order me the HTC...(well why didn't she call to let me know that?) Almost two weeks go by and I call her again... this time she tells me that she found another vendor who has the tmobile mytouch, but she was just waiting for the go ahead from her boss. So I'm thinking ok sure I waited long enough already, might as well wait instead of calling straight to TMobile to complain... I should have called TMobile because the sales associate never called back. It's been over three months. After the third week my husband just said forget it, we weren't getting the exchange. I had a feeling this was where it would go... I am soooo angry just thinking about it, but I always let things slide!


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