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Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 7:15am CDT by e3079735

Product: Internet Flowers Delivery

Company: Flora Prima GmbH

Location: Wendeburg, 38176, DE

URL: http://www.floraprima.de/

Category: Other

I was sent flowers(with vase and chocolate) through Flora Prima www.floraprima.de by my Mother and Father as an 1st anniversary(11.07.2010) gift last week. . Seeing as I live in Germany, my parents in Italy, we do not have the possibility to meet each other

The Goods arrived damaged. The vase was complete shattered and had pieces of glass all over the place and the flowers (orchids) looked pretty bad as the leaves where a stale white instead of green as advertised on the website. Also the chocolate was not included.

I called the "support" numbers (German,Italian and USA at our cost) and got nothing but grief from them. Very bad attitude and not willing to help at all.They agreed to send a replacement vase, declined to send any chocolate as according to them it was not included in the order and if I wanted new flowers then I would have had to take pictures and send it to them via email with description of the complaint etc. Total wastes of time as I work very long hours and honestly do not find it right after having received something as a gift that I have to take allot of my time to work for a problem they caused. DO NOT USE Flora Prima www.floraprima.de

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Derek R., 2010-07-13, 12:50PM CDT

We are sorry to hear that the recipient is not happy with our service.

This oder was placed over an affiliate site and not directly over floraprima.de. The affiliate site had the flowers listed with chocolates. As the order was sent to us from the affiliate, we recieved no information that the flowers were to be sent with chocolates. This is something we unfortunately have not control over and have communicated the false placement of the product directly to the affiliate.

As the order was placed via an affiliate, all customer service issues also are carried and handeled normally through affiliate in order to avoid confusion. Regardless, we serviced the recipient directly.

The recipient called us on the day of delivery and informed us that the vase was broken upon delivery. We apologized and immediately confirmed that a new vase would be sent at no cost to the sender or recipient. During the phone call we also inquired whether the flowers were ok, which is standard procedure when a recipient calls regarding a delivery. The recipient advised that she was happy with the quality of the flowers and made no mention of any issues with flowers.

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