AT&T - AT&T DSL is just CRAP!

Posted on Tuesday, July 13th, 2010 at 11:40am CDT by e632578e

Product: AT&T DSL

Company: AT&T

Location: Atlanta, GA, US


Category: Other

AT&T's DSL service is just plain pathetic in comparison to Comcast's High Speed Internet. I don't work for either company, so I'm completely unbiased, but I just cancelled my Comcast Internet ($57) in hopes of saving a few bucks, and changed to AT&T ExtremeDSL 6.0 ($35), and quickly found that the loss of service quality is definitely NOT worth the savings!

I was told by the several AT&T reps that I spoke to (because you never speak with less than 5 differnt people evey time you call), and was told that DSL is a "Best Effort Service", and that I should be happy with the fact that I'm getting 4Mbps even though I'm paying for 6Mbps.

Now wait a minute...when should I ever be happy that I'm gettng less than I'm paying for? And how is that even legal?!? What is the Federal Trade Commission's stance on a company delivering less than they should, just to tell the customer that it's a "Best Effort Service"?

Maybe I should just make "Best Effort Payments", and sned them the same percentage less on my monthly bill! But if I do that, I'll get late fees, eventually disconnected, and possibly effect my credit is that fair?

Beyond their stupid "Best Effort Service", their support is an absolute joke. There's just not enough time or space here to rant about that!

In the end, I'm swithing back to Comcast so that I can get my 11Mbps that I used to have, and will gladly pay the additional differnce!

Great job Comcast, and SHAME on you AT&T!

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a4b1776d, 2011-12-29, 09:49AM CST

I agree totaly. I was having problems and they advised me that in needed to downgrade to slower speed to see if this helped with the assurance that if it didnt i could get my faster speed back. Well it didnt and when is asked for my faster speed back they told me it wasnt available to me. I had the faster speed for six years with no problems. I still have slower speed and cant get them to fix problem. Where i live i cant get another dsl service so i guess they really dont care. Awful people to do business with. Wish there was something someone could do.

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