AARP - medicare insurance duplication

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 10:35am CDT by da487a37

Product: medicare supplement

Company: AARP

Location: P O Box 29300
Hot Springs, AR, 71903-9300, US


Category: Other

I originally took our a medicare supplement with AARP (Member ID 0083414561) in March, 2008. I then found out that I had to go on a group plan with Blue Cross through my work effective April 1, 2008, so I called AARP and told them I was switching my Medicare supplement to the Blue Cross Group and did not pay them anymore, since I was covered by the Blue Cross plan for my medicare supplement. I kept getting letters and phone calls from AARP billing me even though I had told them that I had both medicare supplement benefits and prescription coverage through Blue Cross. It is my understanding that you can only carry one medicare supplement and Part D in Florida. Also, I never used the AARP for either prescriptions nor any other medical cost, since I was covered by Blue Cross. I asked one representative from AARP who had called me on one of the many harrassing phone calls about paying the premium what I should do since I had both called and written to AARP advising them that I had wished to cancel the AARP effective 4-1-2008. She gave me address to write to but told me not to worry about it. About December I got another form from AARP to re-enroll for the next year and I sent it back, again telling AARP that I had not had the AARP coverage since April 1, was covered by Blue Cross and therefore wondered why they were asking me to renew a coverage I did not have. I have copies of my Blue Cross coverage which duplicates the same 9 months AARP is trying to bill me for, if you need it. I can make copies of whatever you need, but I am extremely tired of being harrassed by this organization. I am not a member of AARP and cancelled my membership mostly because of this highly unethical harrassment. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.


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