RJ's Construction - Shoddy workmanship/Fraud

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 8:07pm CDT by 64361f34

Product: Contractor

Company: RJ's Construction

Location: Berea, KY, 40403, US

Category: Other

Contracted with RJ's Construction (Kip Ryan Lambdin)in Oct 2008 to build a 28x32 detached garage. The contract states he was to furnish material, labor, and permits.

8 months later May 2009 he "finished". During the ordeal, he failed to pay the lumber company for the materials causing them to have a lein attached to my home.. because it took him so long to complete the build I was fortunate to still have the second half of the money I still owed him. When I confronted him with the attachment orders he said he appologized for it but wasn't sorry (his words). During the 8 months he rarely was on site, and most times when someone was there it was usually only one worker. Two weeks and more would pass at times when no one was there working. At first I held my tounge because we were having bad weather, but even during the good days no one showed up. I was constantly calling and emailing to get them there.

Finally in May 2009 after pointing out that the rafters were supposed to be clear span and the 2x6 beam he had running down the center of the building supported by 2x4 column's had to be removed, he strengthened the lower cord at the splice at my insistance, at that time he said it would support 30 psf.

After he left I finished the inside myself.

Fast forward to Nov 2009. I sold the house and moved to TX. Then in Jun 2010 I received a letter from a lawyer the new owner had retained stating that the county code people left a notice that the building had not had a framing or electrical inspection and it could not be used until an occupancy certificate was issued. According to the estimate they sent with the letter it is going to cost me 15,500.00 to make this garage pass code. The estimate called for complete removal of everything from the ceiling up. To be replaced with trusses, then rebuilt.

I paid Kip 22,000.00 when he built it less than a year earlier. He refuses to answer my calls and emails still. I will be in contact with a lawyer to get my pound of flesh.

Another fellow in Berea (James), after hearing of my issue filed a similar complaint when he was defrauded on a deck RJ's was building.

All I can say is BEWARE, this man is a liar and a thief. Contact me if you want the full horror story..


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