Michael Deal - aurora, Colorado committed theft, fraud

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 9:50pm CDT by b60e97ba

Product: Handyman

Company: Not Available

Location: 12505 E. Tennessee Cir, Apt #F
Aurora, Co, 80012, US

Category: Other

Name: Micheal Deal

Location: Aurora, Denver, Commerce City, Idaho Springs, Colorado

Height: 5'7''

Body Type: skinny, about ~145 lbs

Ethnic: White, smoke a lot

I found his ad on craigslist:

Cheap Electrician/Handyman-15/hr or Low Bids (Aurora/Denver)

He gave a cheap bid, asked money (1/2 balance) in advance and pretended to work for couple hours (smoked all the time) and asked for rest of the balance after the first date with some excuses like: wife in hospital, kid in hospital, family in hospital, himself in hospital, etc to get people's empathy and take advantage of them. He took $1200 from me and disappeared after that. No returned phone calls, no returned emails, etc...I reported this to the police, he told the police to call me back and never did. This guy committed fraud, scam on innocent peole who are nice and try to help him out with his excuses and thought it was true. Be aware and don't be fooled.

Stay away from his service. He usually posts his ad on Denver Craigslist for his handyman service.

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35747b1c, 2010-10-26, 07:41AM CDT

He did the same thing to me in Littleton colorado. Please contact me at 970-731-9935. lets see if we can do something about this

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