Frontier Airlines - Frontier Airlines Lack of Communication & Risky Baggage Handling

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 8:38pm CDT by d8d4031f

Company: Frontier Airlines

Location: US

Category: Airlines

I had a baggage issue on my flight to California and back and after phone calls, going back to the aiport, filing a report online, and then calling the headquarters, they still haven't gotten back to me about my baggage claim! It's been over a month! I will never fly frontier again - both times I had issues, others had lost their baggage or it had been ruined in some way, and I had to wait while they filed their complaints too. Do not trust Frontier - they overpack, mishandle and lose their luggage, and then never get back to you after you've gone through every possible way to get a hold of someone that can't help.

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d2e72048, 2011-02-01, 01:07PM CST

I have another reason to not trust Frontier Airlines: in November 2010 my husband and I needed to change our tickets for 1 leg of a trip from Denver to Tucson. We were assured the total change fee for both tickets would be $245. However, Frontier charged us $245 EACH ticket. The original total charge for 2 tickets was $462.80. I contacted Frontier 1 day after the double charge registered on our credit card and issued a complaint. I was told the issue would be resolved within 10 days. 60+ days have passed; more than a dozen phone calls have not been returned and since an agent and case # have been assigned, no one else at Frontier will assist me. Frontier Airlines DOES NOT appreciate its customers. I will never use them again. UPDATE: After sending registered complaint letters to the local Frontier office and their national headquarters, I was awarded a $300 travel certificate for my next flight with Frontier. I will give them another opportunity to appropriately charge me for flying with them.

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