Arrowsol8 - Fraudulent Call Center Broker-Rao Abdulwahid (Arrowsol8)

Posted on Monday, July 12th, 2010 at 12:14pm CDT by f17c678c

Product: Call center service contract

Company: Arrowsol8

Location: LAHORE, PK


Category: Telecommunications

Rao Abdulwahid of Arrowsoleight (Arrowsol8) is a scamster and a complete fraud. He signed an agreement with my company and did not adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned on it. He even denied numerous conditions mentioned in black and white on the agreement! I did ask him to show me where on the agreement are the points he mentioned; he remained silent for this question. He also lied about sending payment after I invoiced him. This convinced me that this person is an absolute fraud. I sincerely recommend everyone not to do business with him or his company based in Pakistan. On LinkedIn search for Abdulwahid, Pakistan, Arrowsol8.


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fcfef587, 2010-09-21, 05:27PM CDT

I've been working with Arrowsol8 for almost a year now and i have not come across one such problem as stated above. We've been working with Rao Abdulwahid on a hourly paid agreement, and we have not had any delay whatsoever once. Personally i would recommend the company at any time. Possibly you are someone who did not go over the details before starting the process. I would personally disagree with this as i've been working with him for quite some time now and have a very good business relationship with the company.

1b32179b, 2010-11-03, 08:38PM CDT

Well we have provided service to Rao and he has been invoiced but has dragged the payment out now for months. We see no hope in getting paid by this man. When someone says they are very pleased and wants to increase volume that says to me you are meeting his needs, but then it comes time to pay....what a shame the distruction this man has left behind

b269daf5, 2011-06-15, 04:38AM CDT

We have been working for this person too, for Direct TV sales campaign, and he didnt pay the invoice.

We put 20 agents and we never receive the money.

61aaf3db, 2012-01-27, 09:02AM CST

Mr. Rao Abdulwahid is a complete FRAUD in capital letters. I handle a small near shore call center that signed an agreement with him back in August 2010, trained our 20 agents in his campaign, worked for him for 2 months making sales, and no payment. ONly prommises and more promises that the wire went, but never sending a copy of the transaction. This person is a complete scam! Please do not do any busniess with him whatsoever. You will get burn fast!

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