Transfer America - SCAM ALERT! Transfer America AKA Timeshare Relief

Posted on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 at 12:12pm CDT by bffbbf68

Company: Transfer America

Location: 2245 West 190th Street
Torrance, CA, 90504, US


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Transfer America AKA Timeshare Relief AKA Transfer Smart is a complete and total scam. First of all its a shell company for timeshare relief who bilks people out of up to $4000 to "get rid of" their timeshare. Yeah they CHARGE people to take their timeshare.

David MacMillan owns this company as well as 3 or 4 other brands that all do the exact same thing. They run them out a crummy little office in Torrance california. They need all the brands to hide who they are because once people have heard of one of their companies they want nothing to do with them and the complaints and ripoffs get reported online so they just keeping making up more brands.

They pay huge sums to the BBB to keep their ratings up. If you look at their primary brand they have over 60 complaints and the attorney general of vermont just fined them big time for defrauding people into believing they could get a huge tax right-off if they paid them to take their timeshare. BEWARE Transfer America is a scam to take your money and your timeshare!


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565c4d91, 2010-08-23, 04:39PM CDT

I see your on line message. I understand from your post that the company charges, up to $4,000 to take over the timeshare. For my folks, paying $ to get out of the timeshares they do not have the ability to sell is something they would consider. Is there anything about this company other than they charge to take timeshares off your hands, and that they have a crummy little office, that you know of to warn against using them?

I am for real, my folks are in over their heads on timeshares.

85e56dca, 2010-08-27, 01:55PM CDT

I am checking into this company Transfer America. If any one who has had recent experience with them please contact me at [email protected]

1cb507bb, 2010-09-09, 11:26AM CDT

There has been a rash of fake complaints in regards to Transfer America and we would like to address them.

While we at Transfer America appreciate the enthusiasm of our disgruntled competitor who posted the fake complaints anonymously, it does prove the point that you have to be very careful in regards to who you deal with in the Timeshare Industry. Transfer America helps thousands of clients on a weekly basis and we have an "A" BBB rating for a reason. Our credentials speak volumes about our company and we pride ourselves on maintaining a customer service mantra of "No unhappy client left behind." The most important person in what we do as a company is our clients, without them we are nothing and the reason this company was started in the first place was to help people. In a competitive industry there are always people and companies who cannot stand the success of others and cannot comprehend how we can provide such good service to our clients. Our secret is the love that every employee in our company has for helping people and the desire to be the best.

If anyone has any questions about the integrity of our company feel free to contact me and I will personally address any issues you may have.


Lukas Gilkey

Chief Marketing Officer

Phone: 310-755-7745

Email: [email protected]

6b993dfe, 2010-11-26, 03:39PM CST

This is a creepy business Transfer America aka Timeshare Relief aka Transfer on the Spot is involved with. There cost to transfer the timeshare is less then 750 dollars, but will mark it up to 6500 to "transfer" you out of your timeshare as for their one pitch that they pay your maintenance fees, they don't. and the "buyer" they have is a shell holding company for transfer america that they will rent out the timeshares or sell them later on. these are just a bunch of creepy salespeople preying on the uninformed and elderly.

d87ddc05, 2011-01-14, 12:48PM CST

If a person thinks paying to get rid of a timeshare is a scam - then I guess it is to them. I didn't want to pay at first - but 3 years later my fees were higher than the original quoted cost of getting rid of it.

I first met a representative from Timeshare Relief about 3 1/2 years ago. I received a postcard and went to a meeting at a hotel here in Sioux Falls, SD. Of course I was disappointed that they werent going to buy my timeshare from me (actually a few people walked out when they found they would be paying to get rid of their timeshare). He mentioned that there is practically no other escape if your children do not want it. (The timeshare community uses the fact that your unit will always stay in your family, going to your children after your death.) I couldnt believe in my heart, after being in sales and marketing for over 20 years, that I could not get rid of it myself. I did listen to the rest of the presentation and was impressed that he was so upfront about the fact I would be paying. I stayed afterward, got all of the info in writing without committing to using their services I was even quoted a price. Of which I noted in the paperwork (which didnt really matter since I threw it all away about a month later). For the next 2 years I really worked hard trying to get rid of it. Paying for ads not just to sell it but also to GIVE IT AWAY. Couldnt even give it to co-workers. Nothing worked. I received another postcard from Timeshare Relief the one in Torrance, CA in the spring of 2010. I spoke to my husband about it and we agreed I should contact them again. (My maintenance fees had risen to $750 a year from the $425 (1999) it started out at) and we realized we had just in January made the 3rd annual payment since my original meeting. The three payments were just barely under what I would have paid to get rid of it three years earlier (not counting the headache, stress and money I spent trying to get rid of it for over two years). Needless to say I called Timeshare Relief. They wanted to have me wait to speak with one of the counselors I said I had been through one of the seminars and told them when and I completely understood that I would be paying to be relieved of this mess. We negotiated a price and I was sent all of the paperwork. I faxed all of the paperwork needed for the sale on May 3rd received more paperworek for us to sign and have notarized paid my agreed upon paymentand sent the notarized paperwork back on May 17th, I believe it took about 3 weeks for the completion of the deed transfer. YEAH, I was off the hook and so was my childrens future. The transfer didnt stop the calls from RCI I politely told them I no longer owned it at least 3 times. The fourth time they told me as far as they knew it was still in my name. I had never thought to check that!! Was I scammed? One quick call to the resort I had bought in confirmed that I NO LONGER OWNED IT. I could never be more thankful for not having the burden of that time share anymore. I was laid off my job mid 2010 and my husband was laid off in September 2010. No way we could have afforded the 2011 fee. Thank you, TimeShare Relief. Nothing was underhanded everything was above board and I did not encounter one lie, deception, or misrepresentation. Anyone that wants to contact me concerning this can do so by mail and if you request I will contact you by phone or email.


Vicki Sassani

4605 W Custer Ln Unit 305

Sioux Falls, SD 57106

54762f62, 2011-04-16, 07:23PM CDT

ANOTHER OPTION Timeshare Relief and it's spinoffs and franchises are legal, but not the best option. Once an owner has discovered they can't sell, rent, or give away their timeshare it looks like the only option available because of the advertizing. is a charity that does the same thing for $500 AND you get a legal IRS $5,000 income deduction for the process. Other charities won't do this because they have to keep it for 3 years. CHT does and they accept even more resorts than Timeshare Relief..

dba23ffb, 2011-08-09, 11:44PM CDT

So right!! This is totally a scam. Transfer America charged us $2500 and did not do anything. It has been over a month. They basically just ignore our calls and emails. John R. Herrera and Sharon Reynolds were the sales person we spoke to. They failed to transfer our timeshare, when we asked for a refund. They became so rude and tried to arguing with us. BEWARE Transfer America is a scam!!!

3133dac0, 2011-09-07, 02:26PM CDT

If you want to get out of you timeshare contract you can always donate it. You get out of your financial burden and you get to help others as well.

I hope this helps!

b0d87b5f, 2012-04-24, 11:29PM CDT

The link to (below) transfers you to owners of timesharecure own Transfer America and Timehare Relief ... it was a stupid idea or lacking foresight to use the link to get users transferred to your home page ... because now your fate is sealed: I seriously doubt I'll be doing business with you.

3463c96e, 2013-01-03, 01:10PM CST

After we signed over our time share to Timeshare Cure on Nov. 11, 2011, which claimes to have an excellent rating with the BBB, they transferred the time share to Property Relief, unknowinglly to us on Jan. 12, 2012, which has an F rating with the BBB (Property Relief, LL Co.). Despite three e-mails from and phone calls to this second company, as of 1-3-13,the property has never been transferred. We had to pay last year's maintenance fees in order to complete the original transaction. Now we are being dunned for another year's fees, plus we did not have use of our time share last year.

Eva C., 2013-01-28, 05:00PM CST

This is quite a thread, most of the information given is new to me, but i wouldn't doubt this company is a completely scam, a timeshare transfer is NOT that expensive. If you'd like, here you can find more info about timeshares and fraudulent companies:

We should be cautious and not be fooled by false promises about anything that sounds too good to be true.

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