Dish Network - Customer Service Nightmare

Posted on Sunday, July 11th, 2010 at 12:59pm CDT by 9992a300

Product: Dish Network

Company: Dish Network

Location: US


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I signed up for Dish Network a month ago. I was told when signing up that I would receive HBO and Showtime free for 3 months if I signed up for auto-pay, where they directly debit my credit card when my bill is due. My first statement came and I was being charged for HBO and Showtime. I called to get the problem fixed and the customer service representative removed HBO and Showtime from my programming.

The young lady must have misunderstood me when I said I didn't want to get charged for it. My channels were no longer included in my programming. I had to call back and and explain that I still wanted the premium channels but didn't want to be charged for it(I deserved 3 months free for signing up for auto-pay). Since they had removed the promotion(by accident) they told me that they couldn't just add it back on. Now it has been 2 weeks since I first noticed the erroneous charge and I still have no resolution to the problem. I have called Dish several times talking to about 6-7 different people and none of them will just credit my account they keep giving me the run around. Tomorrow the first auto pay is being debited including the cost of HBO and Showtime. Don't get Dish Network, their customer service standard operating procedures do not give authority to the first person you talk with to resolve your problem. The last person I talked to said I would receive a call from their "promotions" department within 72 hours, which happens to be after they debit my account!


008a25c3, 2010-12-23, 08:49AM CST

Hello, this is Mike LeMar with DISH Network customer service. I just wanted to follow up with you on this as to whether or not you have been able to get this resolved. If not, please reply and I would be more than happy to assist you!

f1f8eae2, 2011-01-07, 01:00PM CST

Hello, Becki Barned with Dish Network customer service here. If this has not yet been resolved, please e-mail me and I would be more than happy to look into this for you! My email is [email protected]

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