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Posted on Saturday, July 10th, 2010 at 5:35pm CDT by 49232a11

Company: Advance AUTO PARTS

Location: Roanoke, VA, US


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I want EVERYONE to pay attention to what I have to say here--because


Advance Auto Parts Ripped Me Off!!!

After purchasing over 100 bucks in brake parts from their site (online) I was promised a $50 voucher (Gift Card) to use on my next online purchase.

A month later as promised, I got the $50 discount on my next order (seat covers) but had to return them because they didn't fit my truck--- I MUST point out that there was NOTHING on the online order form that posted what year, make & model the seat covers would fit. Just a listing for TRUCK SEAT COVERS.

OK. They didn't fit so I carefully put them back in the package and returned them--- Then I GOT NO CREDIT BACK !!! Yep, they literally RIPPED ME OFF!!! NO STORE CREDIT, NO GIFT CARD, NO ONLINE CREDIT, ZIP, ZERO, NADA-- NOTHING!!!

I called customer service who acknowleged that, "YES, WE SEE YOU RETURNED THE MERCHANDISE but you can't have credit back because there is this clause in the fine print of the voucher discount that states " card has no cash value" WHAT THE HELL DOES THIS MATTER????

I'm not LOOKING FOR CASH HERE PEOPLE. I just want STORE CREDIT for my return

I again want to make this CLEAR. This RETURN WAS NOT A RETURN OF THE ORIGINAL merchandise--- This is a return of goods purchased with a voucher (GIFT CARD) that ADVANCE AUTO PARTS offered to me for purchasing the 100 bucks of parts to begin with.


They give you a gift card.

You use it to buy seat covers that don't fit.

You return the merchandise in resalable condition--


I have gone ROUND & ROUND (& ROUND AGAIN) with their online customer support--- WHAT A JOKE this experience is!!! I sent a letter to their CEO Darren Jackson expressing my sincere displeasure of his company's returned goods policy in MAY with NO REPLY

Following, is ADVANCE AUTO PARTS own policy regarding:

Code of Ethics & Business Conduct


We must be honest and truthful in all of our dealings and relationships with our customers, our vendors, our shareholders, our fellow Team Members and any other person or entity with whom we come into contact.

Fair Dealing

We must be fair and professional in all of our business dealings, including but not limited to our dealings with our customers, our vendors, our fellow Team Members and our competitors. We must never take advantage of anyone we do business with through manipulation, concealment, abuse of confidential information, giving or accepting bribes or kickbacks, antitrust violations, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair or dishonest business practice.

Respect and Teamwork

Working as a team, we must treat each of our Team Members, customers, vendors and any other parties with whom we do business with dignity and respect. Team Members must be provided a work environment that is safe and free from discrimination or harassment of any type.

Compliance With Laws

We must comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations that apply to our business, including insider trading laws. If there is any uncertainty about what is required by the law or our company policies, further guidance should be sought without delay.

Continued ad-nauseum on their website:


I don't believe for one minute this company abides by its own set of rules...

Until I receive full store credit for the cost of these seat covers---LOOK OUT WORLD--- I will YELL FROM THE ROOFTOPS AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!

Do not do business with



james c., 2013-02-08, 09:38PM CST

I to have had bad dealings with Advanced autoparts .com I placed a order for 6 golf cart batteries at a total of 799.18 to be picked up in store. This store had 10 in stock This order was placed at 10am in the morning using a master card. I did not receive a conformation email so I called the store where these were to be picked up and was told by the first person that they showed the order was canceled. I was now pissed, what do you mean it was canceled I show that the charge has gone through already. He responded with Im sorry but that order has been canceled. I celled back about 1 hour later got a different person who said no its not canceled its on hold to be reviewed that cant take up to 72 hrs. He stated there was nothing at store level they could do I needed to contact Advanced auto and gave me there number. I called them they informed me that it is in review because they have to make sure that this is not a fraudulent charge. I then told this CS agent that no its not I placed the order and I want the 6 batteries. He stated I'm sorry but this will take 72 hrs before we will release the order to the store to be picked up. I asked to speak to supervisor and was told that I do have a supervisor but there is nothing they can do for you either. By this time I am really mad told him to put a supervisor on the phone. The supervisor get on the phone and sorry for this he was a smart ass. He also told me that there is nothing they can do it has to wait 72 hrs to be cleared to go to the store I said okay then just cancel the order. He said I cant do that the order is processed Now I am irate you said its on hold for 72 hrs and now your telling me its been processed and cant be canceled. I am not sure what type of business they are running but its either on hold or it processed. I also don't know what type of company cant cancel a order. I don't blame the guys at the store they cant do there jobs if some idiot in the corporate office does not do there jobs or let there people do there jobs as it needs to be done. I work CS for a company and I have the ability to process, cancel, verify, refund, and assist customers. This is just poor customer relations if you think a order is fraudulent there is a phone number to contact this customer at to verify the order with. But yet you don't notify the customer you wont process the order you wont cancel the order wont refund the order but turn around and say we cant do these things because the order has processed. Now which is it? If anyone that works for the company I do ever tells a customer I cant or wont we will be looking for another job very quickly. Customer service is just what it says service, this is what I can do for you this is what we can do to fix this. I will not purchase another part from this company again. I would rather pay higher prices for something than to do business with them again.

3565e047, 2013-12-06, 06:44PM CST

HA HA. i work for Advance as a manager. you need to read the fine print BEFORE you buy something. trust me it is there you just did not do your job as a customer.

To the comment person, sorry we are concerned about credit card fraud. we care about your money because WE WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha

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