Toshiba - Toshiba STINKS for Customer Support!

Posted on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at 6:31pm CST by 0c54c461

Product: Toshiba Satellite Laptop A505

Company: Toshiba

Location: US


Category: Computers, Software

Purchased new laptop, not cheap! Have spent 7 hours today trying to get it to connect to my business network. Other laptop, HP, connected with no problem. But Toshiba won't connect. Called tech support finally and they couldn't help - said they were sending me to "SENIOR suport" who would call back but could be up to 2 hours. I called them back twice and they said the same thing both times - we'll call you back...they don't call back, not from INDIA, not from the Philippines.


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0c54c461, 2010-01-11, 06:29AM CST

I just checked my messages - Toshiba finally did call back - some 24 hours later, not 2 hours...we'll see what happens today.

bdd656ca, 2010-01-24, 07:26AM CST

Well, they finally called back, not in 2 hours but more like 24, and they were not able to help me. They didn't know how to make my laptop connect to the I spent more money to buy a new router, only to finally find someone a month after buying this computer who was able to connect me. Toshiba tech said it couldn't be done, that I had to buy a new router, but AT&T was able to connect me to the original router...

ee10cbd9, 2012-12-21, 02:56PM CST

Just bought a toshiba portable hard drive 3.0 1tb to install on a mac.x system. Called the help line to download,got someone from India,a joke. The man knew how to install on a windows computer,but could not help me with mac. even though on the package it says windows and max.o/s. Had to search on my own for 2 hours finally found someone with the same problem,all I had to do was format the portable drive to mac. leopard. So simple yet the man from India couldn't tell me that. Good product, lousy-lousy customer service help.F--- grade on customer service. Next time will buy only mac.external drive to avoid hours of searching for help. To load on mac. utilities>disk utilities>click on Toshibadex drive>erase> click volume format,choose your mac system,hit erase. It erases windows and installs mac. Your on your way.

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