Starbucks - Loyalty unrewarded

Posted on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at 4:07pm CST by eb0ec5e0

Product: Gold card promotion

Company: Starbucks

Location: US


Category: Other

The new "Gold card" promotion is the "anti-reward" for long-time Starbks customers.

Not only is the "reward" a complete reduction of the former "10%" savings program, but the new "Gold" card requires customers to keep a balance on hand in order to qualify for the "Free" drink after 15 purchases.

So much for rewarding customer loyalty. Our office of four daily Strbcks drinkers is going to a local coffee "casita" for a buck-fifty less.

Greed, once again, wins the day in the short run; I fully expect this company to fail in the next three years.


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